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Let yourself be guided by its vineyard and
to feel in symbiosis with him!


A philosophy of Respect


“Let yourself be guided by your vineyard  and feel in symbiosis with it. »

Château Guadet Grand Cru Classé is 5 hectares on the limestone plateau 100 meters from the city of Saint-Emilion. The vineyard is based on shallow soils with a dominant clay-limestone.

80% Merlot 20% Cabernet franc, the harvest is done plot by plot by hand. The harvest date is set according to the taste maturity of the berries.

The vineyard is organic and biodynamic, a diversified flora and fauna develop there...

Elegance and balance are the hallmarks of a wine based on the values of our terroir.

The vinification is natural without any input. The aging takes place between 12 and 20 months in barrels, amphoras and en foudres  depending on the taste evolution of the wine.



by Vincent Lignac


Why did you choose Biodynamics?

My family has been a fan of organic farming for several generations, it was my father, Guy-Petrus, who made the conversion to organic official in 2008. Personally, since the end of the 90s, I have been tasting biodynamic wines, and often they were really nice surprises!

So in 2011, I decided to go beyond an organic vineyard and work entirely biodynamically.

What more do we do?

Biodynamics makes it possible to establish a balance between the fauna and flora of our terroir and to strengthen the immune system of our vines.

We administer homeopathic doses of horn silica, horn dung and Maria Thun compost.

For me, the wine is made in the vineyard. It is the quality of the grape or the fruit that will make a good wine.

Biodynamics makes it possible to find a balance, it is a respect for the vine, for oneself and therefore for others...


The repercussions?

"Biodynamics is a revealer of the terroir"

We see the impact on the wines quickly, from the first year:

More straightness, aromatic purity.

In my visits, I like to say that: “Château Guadet is one and the same wine per year, which reflects our terroir, our work and the climate”.

“It's a bit like with children, they are all different…. It is up to us to give them the best, even if it is not always easy like the vines with the climate. »

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