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Classified Grand Cru
Inscribed in the history of France...


Marguerite Elie Guadet

born in Saint-Émilion on July 20, 1755,


When the French Revolution broke out in 1789, Élie Guadet, from a family of Girondin magistrates, had already acquired a solid reputation as a litigant in Bordeaux. Appointed administrator of the department of Gironde in 1790 then president of the criminal court of Bordeaux, he was elected the same year deputy of Gironde in the Legislative Assembly.

With Gensonné and Vergniaud, he will be one of the founders of the political group of the Girondins. He presided over the National Assembly from January 22 to February 5, 1792 and chaired the National Convention from October 18 to November 1, 1792.

Pursued during the French Revolution, he found refuge in the cellars running under the properties and was guillotined along with his family in 1794. 

Later the property will bear his name.




Biodynamic certified estate


Vincent starts biodynamics


Guy-Petrus began working in the organic vineyard in 2008, the vineyard will be certified in 2013 by Ecocert.


Château Guadet Saint Julien, in 2005 Guy Petrus decides to change the name which will now be Château Guadet.


The Lignac family bought the Saint-Julien estate owned by the Guadet family. The estate will take the name of Château Guadet Saint-Julien


The vineyard, the terroir and the man are one...

Guy-Petrus Lignac

After two years at the oenology institute and then a career in industry, Guy-Petrus returned to the family estate in 2000 with his wife Catherine.

He starts with the base, the vineyard and leads it towards organic since 2008. His father having always workedthis Grand Cru Classé in a traditional way(plowing and Bordeaux mixture) the path was already mapped out.  Guy-Petrus is very involved in the life of the villagehe is president of the tourist office of Saint-Emilion and vice-president of the society of history and archeology.

Vincent Lignac

After a BTS, Vincent spent 2 years in the United States, almost as many in Chile and Spain, then 5 years in Australia in wine estates.

In 2009 Vincent returned to his roots, his DNA…Château Guadet! 
Having a good idea of the world of wine and knowing what he wanted, he naturally turned to Biodynamics. This practice is the most serious and the most advanced in respect of the vine and in respect of its biotope as well as in highlighting the terroir.

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